20 Reasons why you should trust mybudio.eu

Mybudio.eu is one of the construction stores belonging to the company

Avocado Studio Jakub Marciniak

street Fabryczna 9b

64-800 Chodzież

TAX ID: PL7642396664

We also own the following websites:

  • Construction online store - Budujto.pl
  • SEO online store - Avocadostudio.net
  • Online store focused only on finishing - Farbastrukturalna.pl (still under construction and testing)
  • information service and free advertising for our clients - Instahome.info
  • YouTube channel, and information and advertising service for our clients - Instahome Studio

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Even though Mybudio.eu was created with expansion beyond Polish borders in mind. The most important thing is the Polish customer.

A store visible abroad must be extremely fast so that customers can shop conveniently.

Nothing is more annoying than waiting 15 seconds for a page to load.

Thanks to the quick store, we can improve product pages by adding, for example, videos showing visualizations and inspirations of paints and decorative plasters. Moreover, we want to serve our customer base from Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania better, i.e. faster.

  1. We are a Google Verified Partner. Today this means a 100% committed company. Google verifications are more detailed than e-puap

  2. This is not our first online store. We have been operating in the construction industry since 2010. In 2010, the boss founded the MB Jakub wholesaler in Chodzież.

  3. We have a Tax Identification Number, thanks to which you can check whether the company actually exists. You can check every entrepreneur on the website www.ceidg.gov.pl.

  4. We have a REGON number, which means it is easy to check whether we are on any list of debtors

  5. We print VAT invoices.

  6. We offer the possibility of payment in PLN and EUR. In the company, courier payments (cash on delivery), quick payments, Blik, Paypo, payment cards, etc.

  7. You can check us at any time on the government website ceidg.gov.pl. It is a central register of all entrepreneurs operating in Poland. Enter our NIP 7642396664 in the register

  8. We are not in debt in any way, you can check it at Hermes, Kruk, www.dugi.info or at KRD (national debt register)

  9. We have commercial agreements with couriers and suppliers. Plus several distributor statuses for an ever-increasing number of construction manufacturers.

  10. Staff who have been working in the industry for several or a dozen years will be happy to answer your questions every day until 4 p.m

  11. As a wholesaler, we have physical goods in stock, this is the only way we can guarantee delivery within 24-48 hours, in extreme cases up to 96 hours (replenishment).
  12. We are registered on the e-mag, allegro, e-bay and erli platforms as a company, not as an individual. As buildto (one account per website is enough)

  13. We have a physical location. NOT a post office box in an office building in Warsaw.

  14. Our MB Jakub wholesaler (the mother company of mybudio.eu and other stores) receives every year the nationwide, prestigious customer award Orły 2018, 2021, 2022 - Customer's Choice in Chodzież. You can check it at orly.pl. Budujto is in second place

  15. If you are still not convinced, order the goods cash on delivery. However, I warn you that the shipment may be more expensive than the one paid in advance.

  16. Our hotline works and is operated by a human, not a bot - call 795 594 935

  17. We are on Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, Allegro, E-bay - Notice how many serious companies have verified us.

  18. We are happy to cooperate with influencers and freelancers. If you have an idea how to help us, write to the general email bok@mybudio.eu - we will respond quickly.

  19. We have an efficient valuation department that is constantly developing. Test it by sending a quote to wycena@budujto.pl

  20. We put huge resources into online visibility. Only a legit store invests in SEO, influencers and advertising.

  21. We collect opinions using the Trusmate platform, which verifies those who issue opinions. Only people who have purchased from this store can leave reviews.