May 11 2024

Arrangement of a decorative factory with glitter in the bedroom

glitter wall in bedroom

The decision to add glitter to your bedroom decoration can be inspiring and bold. Decorative paints with glitter not only offer additional shine and depth, but can also influence the mood and style of the entire room.

The choice between subtlety and extravagance in this case depends on personal preferences and the overall design concept. In this article, we will analyze different ways to use glitter paints in the bedroom, so that everyone can find something for themselves.

The paints create a nice glitter effect, but require skill from a specialist to make the wall look aesthetically pleasing

Something different: Glitter Effect Plaster. If you can lay mosaic plaster, Cristalli will seem very easy to you. This is what the final wall may look like if you like shades of gold.

gold glitter walls cristali

mega shine of a glitter wall made by Cristalli from Pigio

If you prefer fashionable colors close to black, such as anthracite, I invite you to watch Cristalli's instructional video, which I posted at the end.

Graphite Glitter wall in the Bedroom behind the Bed

For people who prefer minimalism or want to slightly enrich their bedroom decor, the subtle use of glitter may be the perfect solution. Instead of covering the entire wall surface, you can use glitter paint as an accent, for example on the part of the wall behind the bed or around the window. Such a discreet application does not overwhelm, and at the same time adds an elegant, subtle glow that beautifully reflects light, especially at night with a bedside lamp.

Another way to subtly incorporate glitter is to use it on the ceiling. Subtle light reflections on the ceiling can add depth to the room and visually enlarge it, while introducing an element of luxury and modernity.

graphite-colored brocade wall in the bedroom

Accents on a single wall

Using glitter paints to create an accent on one of the walls is an ideal solution for those who value minimalism with a touch of elegance. By choosing the wall behind the bed or one of the smaller walls in the bedroom, you can create a delicate but effective element that will add character to the entire interior.

Glitter on the ceiling

Applying glitter paint to the ceiling is a great way to add depth to a room without overwhelming the space with wall decorations. Light reflections appearing on the ceiling depending on the incident light can create a unique atmosphere, perfect for the bedroom.

Here I wanted to insert a visualization of the new star effect paint, but the gold glitter on the black background is so subtle that the camera is unable to capture it.

[link to p starry night]

The same applies to the snow effect, which is equally subtle. Even in real life it is difficult to see this delicate white glitter on a white paint background.

When painting the ceiling with it, you should equip the room with a standing lamp that will shine upwards. The hanging lamp may not shed as much light on the ceiling, and without light, the glitter will not be able to reflect it, i.e. it will not sparkle.

[link to snow effect]

Extravagant solutions

For those who are not afraid of bold solutions, a bedroom with glitter walls can become a center of style and personal expression. Walls completely covered in glitter can dramatically change a space, adding drama and glamor to it. This is especially effective in larger bedrooms, where the space allows full use of such a decorative element without the risk of being overwhelmed.

You can also choose intense, deep colors such as navy blue, burgundy or dark green, which are the perfect background for the sparkling particles of glitter. This background goes well with metallic accessories, such as brass lamps or chrome mirror frames, which further emphasize the luxurious character of the bedroom.

Completely glitter walls

By deciding to cover all bedroom walls with glitter paint, you can create an extremely impressive space that will certainly attract attention. This option is perfect for people who want their bedroom to be not only a place of rest, but also an expression of personal style.

I encourage you to browse the photo gallery of Cristalli glitter plaster

Cristalli glitter plaster in rose gold

Cristalli in rose gold color

Cristalli crystal effect

Strong, dark colors with glitter

The use of deep, intense colors such as navy blue, burgundy or dark green, combined with glitter, creates an effect of luxury and depth. This color palette goes perfectly with gold or silver accessories, adding elegance to the room.

Application tips, or how to properly make a glitter wall

No matter whether you choose subtle or extravagant use of glitter, it is important to apply the paint or plaster correctly.

Preparing the wall is key; the surface should be smooth and clean. If the wall requires repairs, these should be done before painting.

Moreover, to obtain an even distribution of glitter, it is recommended to use special application tools, such as rollers with high bristles or special brushes.

Paints with glitter in the bedroom can add character to any interior, regardless of whether you choose subtle accents or more expressive solutions.

It is important that each decision is well thought out and harmonizes with the rest of the interior. Whether subtle or extravagant, glitter will always add an element of modernity and luxury to the bedroom.

Finally, I invite you to watch a video on how to make an anthracite-colored brocade wall using Cristalli Plaster from Pigio