Lakma silicone plaster 25 kg - all colors

Tynksil QS Plus silicone plaster is a high-quality product at the best price. It is an improved plaster mass with a sheep-like structure.

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Silicone plaster

Lakma silicone plaster is an improved plaster mass with a lamb-like structure that combines advanced technical properties with aesthetics.

It is a self-cleaning and vapor-permeable product, which makes it an ideal solution for outdoor applications where resistance to weather conditions and aesthetics are crucial.

Application of Lakma silicone plaster:

  • Traditional method: Applying the plaster with a smooth INOX trowel and rubbing with a smooth plastic trowel (PVC). Requires at least two people.
  • Spray method: Application performed using a compressor and a spray plaster gun. It allows for greater efficiency from the bucket and allows the job to be done by one person.

The most important properties of Lakma silicone plaster:

  • Increased adhesion and efficiency Improves work comfort for the contractor and brings savings for the investor by minimizing waste.
  • It protects the plaster against atmospheric phenomena, including air pollutants that are difficult to remove without the use of a pressure washer and facade cleaning agents.
  • It prevents lichen and fungi, ensuring that the walls remain clean and aesthetic.
  • It is available in a wide range of colors. Possibility of matching the color to another manufacturer's sample after submitting an inquiry.

The plaster is colored according to the individual customer's order. Please consider your purchases carefully as we do not accept returns of products from the mixer.

*The sample photos are for illustration purposes only and may differ slightly from the real ones, this may be due to the settings of the monitor and/or graphics card.

Technical Data

25 kg
troweled approximately 10m2 +/- 1m2/25 kg
shower approximately 15 m2 +/- 2m2/25 kg
The quantity on the palette
24 pcs
white or colored according to the system
Application method
spray or trowel
Drying time
6-8 hours

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