Venetian stucco Calce Grassello Ecorson

Calce Grassello stucco is a product that allows you to create unique, durable and functional interior finishes, combining the beauty of classic Venetian stucco with modern technological solutions.

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Calce Grassello Venetian stucco

Calce Grassello is Venetian stucco, which is a unique decorative product combining tradition and modernity.

Made of natural ingredients, such as slaked lime, it provides not only an aesthetic but also functional finish for interior walls.

Thanks to its properties, this stucco allows you to maintain a favorable microclimate in rooms, removing excess moisture and inhibiting the growth of mold and fungi.

Main features and advantages of Calce Grassello:

  • It creates a "breathable" coating that helps regulate humidity in the room.
  • Provides excellent adhesion to various substrates.
  • The light-reflecting properties make the stucco surface visually increase the space, which is especially beneficial in small or narrow rooms.
  • Calce Grassello Venetian stucco is characterized by a surprising shine, attracting the attention of contractors, designers and enthusiasts of beautiful interiors.

Examples of using Calce Grassello stucco:

Calce Grassello is ideal for use in a variety of spaces such as:

  • Staircases, halls, halls, corridors,
  • Kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, drying rooms,
  • Sloping, straight and suspended ceilings,
  • Rooms exposed to moisture,
  • Living rooms, bedrooms, dressing rooms,
  • All interior walls,
  • Pillars, columns, fireplaces.

Technical Data

Drying time
next layer after 8-12 hours
completely after 8-12 hours
The number of layers
according to the Calce Grassello product sample
1KG/ 3KG/ 5KG/ 25KG
1-1.3m2/kg per layer
inox trowel
ready to use
0.76-1kg/m2 per layer
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