Rullo tester concrete effect paint 1 kg

Structural paint tester with a concrete effect in the selected color in a 1 kg package.

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Rullo tester concrete effect paint 1 kg

Structural paint with the effect of architectural concrete Rullo by Pigio is a modern painting product that combines both functionality and aesthetics.

The tester allows you to test paint, color and quality before making a larger purchase.

This product combines high quality with ease of use, making it an ideal choice for people looking for an effective way to refresh their interior with the effect of architectural concrete.

Why choose a sample?

Purchasing a sample allows you to avoid disappointment due to the difference between the expected and actual mass effect.

Possibility to try different colors and effects without having to buy large quantities.

The sample is a full-value product in a replacement packaging, which ensures the reliability of the test.

Properties and applications of Rullo decorative paint:

  • The paint is very easy to apply, which makes it perfect even for people without much painting experience.
  • Produced on the basis of resins, Rullo paint offers many beneficial properties, including resistance to mold and fungi, high mechanical resistance, and does not attract dust.
  • Although the paint does not require varnishing, it can be varnished to obtain additional effects, such as a burnt concrete effect.
  • If dirty, the paint can be easily cleaned using water and dishwashing detergent and is resistant to repeated washing.
  • Rullo structural paint is intended for interior use and can be applied on various types of surfaces, including walls and ceilings, using a sponge or roller.
  • Different types of primers are recommended, depending on the type of substrate on which the paint is to be used. Primer is recommended for plasterboards and previously painted walls, while Primer Quartzo for more difficult surfaces, such as cement-lime plasters, ceramic tiles, glass or ceramic bricks.
  • The paint is a ready-to-use product, which ensures ease and convenience of application.

Application of Rullo concrete effect paint:

  1. First, mix the paint thoroughly before use.
  2. When the paint is ready, it is applied evenly to the prepared wall with a roller, trying to apply it thickly, which is usually enough to achieve the desired effect in one layer.
  3. In hard-to-reach places, such as the corners of walls and ceilings, the paint can be applied with a sponge.
  4. After application, the paint structure should be smoothed with a trowel, removing excess material.
  5. The paint is colored according to the individual customer order. Please consider your purchases carefully as we do not accept returns of products from the mixer.

*The sample photos are for illustration purposes only and may differ slightly from the real ones, this may be due to the settings of the monitor and/or graphics card.

Technical Data

1 kg
6 - 8 m2/7kg
Area of application
Inside buildings
The number of layers
One is enough, but it depends on a bit of experience
Application area
Walls and ceiling
Application method
Sponge or roller and trowel
Additional information
A primer is recommended and is the first layer of coverage, but in practice, some contractors do not use a primer
Painting work should be carried out at room temperature
Can be applied with any roller. The structure of the roller determines the structure on the wall
After application with a roller, we recommend rubbing or smoothing the concrete effect
The later you smooth the wall, the more pits will be visible
Varnishing enhances the color of the decoration
For advanced techniques such as "burnt concrete", we recommend coloring the primer with black wall paint pigment
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