Non-binding valuation of goods

The thread was copied from the blog entry from, because it works identically in this store. will be operated by the same staff as, so please send pricing inquiries to

Please read the entry before submitting an inquiry.

Hello, my name is Roman Hura. At I run the department responsible for customer service, specifically valuations.

On a daily basis, I only write quotes for our clients. I don't write blogs, so please be understanding.

I will systematically supplement it by answering questions that customers most often ask in order to improve the flow of information and relieve the burden on my department.

I will put frequently asked questions and answers at the end of the post in the FAQ section
Important - read to understand how my department works!

I prefer e-mail contact because I usually have over 30 quotes active at the same time, and e-mails allow me to go back to catch the thread.

In addition, e-mail contact allows my colleagues to join the conversation during, for example, my absence. They will easily find their way around the situation and answer the question, they just need to read the entire conversation.

Dealing with matters over the phone makes it difficult to work on valuations.

The entire sales and valuation department has access to the main email address,

The second reason why they don't like the company phone is the fact that it constantly distracts me and interrupts my work, which prolongs the time needed to prepare a quote.

Therefore, it is not possible to contact me by phone since 2019.

This does not change the fact that you can get quick information by calling the main customer service phone number: 501 209 331.

I respond quickly (usually within 24 hours) and chronologically according to the list of emails received in my inbox.

Types of inquiries I can quote?

In total, I divide queries into 3 types:




Quotation - free service

This is a one-time inquiry about a specific product that you want to buy within a few days or at a specific time. The valuation is made for our clients free of charge and within a maximum of 48 hours.

To prepare a valuation you need:

The name of the product with its unique features (such as color, package size, etc.).

Delivery address (street and postal code)

Approximate purchase time - this immediately allows you to verify whether the valuation makes sense.

Later, when the quote will be converted into an order, I will need full address details (name, surname, street, postal code and city) and the courier's contact telephone number, so it is worth writing these details right away, we will have one e-mail away.

The valuation inquiries I often receive have the purchase date postponed by half a year. Given the current dynamics of market prices, it is not worth pricing goods further than a month ahead.

Example of a loose quote request


Can I have a quote please:

16 buckets of Dublet silicone plaster in the color Rysy 1

primer in the appropriate amount

with delivery to

64-800 Chodzież

ul. Fabryczna 9b

contact telephone number: 501209331

deadline: I need the goods in 2 weeks




or more simply:

Hello, I need silicone plaster for a house with a wall area of 150 m2. I already have the Styrofoam, glue and mesh installed.

Please include in the quote the goods I forgot about and which I will need.

delivery address

64-800 Chodzież

tel: 501 209 331

date: preferably this month



This query allows you to calculate exactly what you need, and you don't have to count anything or know the performance of the products.


This is enough to make a quote, if something is not clear, we will ask.

FAQ - QUOTE - Frequently asked questions

How long is the quote valid?

The quote is valid for a maximum of 3 days. That doesn't mean it won't be important after a week. The last 2 years have shown that before implementation, we need to confirm whether the prices are still valid.

It happened that prices changed every two days (styrofoam during the pandemic), then we priced the goods for the current day.

I like the quote - what's next?

The valuations are usually tailored to the individual situation and can often be a better offer than shopping in an autonomous store.

If you accept the quote, I will send you a proforma invoice by e-mail, which you must pay within 2 days.

Once the funds are credited to the account (usually within 24-48 hours), we begin processing.

At the same time, you will receive information by e-mail that the funds have been received, the order is in progress and the planned delivery time.

This is done by artificial intelligence. You can freely reply to these messages because the algorithm will send your question to and to all customer service e-mails. Also, sometimes it may happen that several people will answer your question at the same time.

When is it not worth sending a request for a quote?

If you want to buy 1-4 goods in total less than PLN 800.

Of course, we will answer this question, but we will direct you directly to make a purchase in our store. It will be much faster, and the price and conditions will change.

do not write a request for a quote if you are planning to purchase in a few months. Prices will probably change several times by then.

I submitted an inquiry to and received no response, what now?

Sorry, this is a human error oversight. Your email got lost in the thicket of inquiries. Please resend your inquiry or call customer service.

Tell them what the problem is. They will track your email and put it at the top of the list for pricing.

We make sure that the address for quotes is clean, but over the years we have accumulated a lot of junk e-mails with offers such as photovoltaic panels or courier services.

Bidders should know that their emails go to spam and trash.

Offers must be submitted to the e-mail address is an email address only for customers of the and stores


A type of offer that is to be valid in the long term, e.g. the offer is to be valid throughout 2023.

This usually works by granting additional discounts assigned to the created account or a unique discount code entered into the cart.

This makes our work easier because we update prices, not contract terms.

The request for quotation is submitted by companies that want us to participate in the tender or, more and more often, it is submitted by small companies or ordinary people trading on the Internet on the basis of dropshipping.

For example, when you want to sell our products and you do not have conditions such as a parcel warehouse, courier contracts for parcels or pallets, etc.

Many people redistribute our products without even having a company.

They buy cheaper from us and sell them on. In 95% of cases they don't even see the goods, they just show us the place of delivery.

Cost estimate - paid service

Sometimes clients send us a link to a house design website and would like to receive a quote.

Unfortunately, that's not how it works. They don't realize that they want you to make a valuation for them with only partial information.

Design offices provide illustrative drawings showing the construction technology, but unfortunately it is not possible to prepare a cost estimate from this data.

The estimate takes me 2 days and costs from PLN 1,000 - PLN 6,000 depending on the building design (house or block of flats).

To create a cost estimate, the project needs a paper version to capture all the details.

I must admit that it is better to buy an estimate from a design office together with a house design because it is cheaper.

Please note that they make an estimate once and sell to hundreds of people, if not thousands.

I am waiting for your inquiries

Roman Hura