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Here we will announce all promotional campaigns, competitions and major changes.

Something similar to entries on "Stay up to date and buy cheaper"

I'm sharing information about the competition right away because it will apply to all our stores

Name of the promotional campaign:

Buy it, record a video and get your money back

Update from October 31, 2023.

  1. There are 7 certain pieces of information:
  2. The promotion will start at the end of the year, when all the holiday frenzy calms down. In addition, we have Black Friday, Black Week and the best promotions throughout the year.
  3. Those interested can already record their videos to take part in the promotion, and when it becomes active, simply register. You must read this thread to the end.
  4. Pigio brand products will take part in the film promotion. The manufacturer agreed to support our competition.
  5. The prizes for 1st, 2nd and 2nd place will be from 80% to 50% refund of the amount of purchased products. Marketing whispers that they will top up your account with BUDCOIN, which you will use to make purchases in our store.
  6. There will be a special prize from Pigio for the best material. The winner will be selected by the producer.
  7. There are no losers, everyone who takes part wins. Unfortunately I don't have detailed information yet.
  8. Raw videos will be assessed before editing. We will evaluate:
  9.   video quality (record it at 60 frames per second),
  10.   ingenuity,
  11.   originality of the recordings,
  12.   effect, i.e. the effect before the decoration and the decorative effect after.
  13. I don't know yet on what scale, but I know that one person will be able to gain several, or maybe several dozen, tickets. The drawing will take place live on Facebook.
  14. You can enter the competition several times to increase your chances of winning, but the products must be different.

October 15, 2023

We are starting a super cool event for our clients. It applies to paints and decorative plasters.

Briefly speaking about this campaign, we can say that we refund the funds if you record videos showing how you work with the product.

There is an opportunity to recover money for purchased products and at the same time become a YouTube star.

You read the introduction and immediately think: Oh my god, I'm not an editor, but I can record a movie with my phone.

And that's what it's all about. We don't ask for much.

Generally, the idea is that you record a few videos lasting at most 5-10 seconds, upload them to your Google drive, which every Gmail user has, and share them with us.

We will assemble them ourselves. You don't have to do anything else and you will take part in a promotional campaign that will refund your funds.

What is the process of taking part?

1. You create an account in our store.

2. You are purchasing the product as a registered customer. It must be a product that takes part in the action.

3. You record these few videos and send them from your phone to your Google Drive (we will make a whole guide about it)

4. You are waiting for the draw, the date of which will be given in a separate article along with details including prizes

Unfortunately, I don't have details yet, such as the size of the prizes and when exactly the promotional campaign will be held.

However, I know that everyone participating has to win and that there will be little competition for the main prizes.

Who is this promotional campaign for?

In total, for everyone with an account at

This will especially benefit professionals who want to be known in their region but do not know how to advertise. This will be free advertising on a large scale for them because we will promote these films on many paid channels.

Under each video there will be a rich description in which we may, but do not have to, provide the name of the performer, company, telephone number and region of operation.

If you don't want to be visible on film, don't record yourself, only the product and the work you do.

What will my films look like?

Below you will find several videos that were quickly edited for us by a team of professionals.

Deserto structural paint in gold

Rullo concrete paint from Pigio

Guess which movie was promoted and which wasn't supported by marketing?

What are the requirements for videos?

Nothing special, we focus on naturalness, but I have a few tips that will be useful even for private films.

Record vertically. Nowadays, few films are watched on a computer monitor

Record in 60 frames not the default 30, videos look smoother.

Phones have been recording in HD for several years, but it's worth mentioning.

Record maximum 10-second videos. One long video is impossible to upload over the Internet. It is better to have several short ones than one long one. The installers will take care of the rest.

I don't have any guidelines yet as to what the jury (żiri) will rate the most, but I think that creativity and originality will receive the most points.

When does the promotion start?

The launch is planned for early November so that customers can also take advantage of the Black Friday Promotion.

Details will be provided at the link below, which will lead to a separate article dedicated only to this promotion. The link will be highlighted in red when it can be activated.


Even though the promotion is not active yet, it does not prevent you from recording original videos of your work with decorations. When the promotion starts, you will be ready to participate.

Additionally, registered people will receive an e-mail notification about the start of this promotion. There will also be a mention in the Google, Facebook and Instagram profiles.