Support and cooperation with professionals

Starting in 2024, we will focus very heavily on supporting our customers.

  1. We will create a Facebook group where we will quickly and effectively inform our customers about promotions and competitions for and stores. We want everything to be in one place. We care about your comfort.

  2. We will create a website for all professionals who want to apply for the program. We are on par with the marketing agency, so not only will you have your website, but we will also position it in the region in which you operate.

  3. Additionally, we will promote active people on our YouTube channel.

  4. I would like to add that we cover all costs related to this.


  6. Details of the program for professionals can be found at this link.

  7. Advertising is what you need. It's good to have too many orders and choose the best ones among them. Free advertising is like winning the lottery

  8. If you want to know more details, write to us at

  9. On our store websites you have access to convenient contact details - the icon in the lower right corner of the screen. During the working hours of the Customer Service Office, you can call after work, there is an option for a quote, text message, arranging a meeting and messaging via WhatsApp. As a registered professional, you receive priority service.

  10. Freebies for the holidays and more. We dress the most active people in our work clothes. If a manufacturer runs a promotional campaign, we pass it on to the contractor. We don't leave it to ourselves. We will inform you about all promotions in the Facebook group and on the notice boards on the store's website.

  11. Use our quote department for free. Take investment measurements and send them using the contact icon on the store's website or directly to the valuation department at Inquiries from contractors are listed first.