Guardi UV facade varnish

UV Facade Varnish is an excellent choice for people looking for effective protection of facades and other external surfaces against the harmful effects of UV rays. Element of a quartz panel system

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UV facade varnish

UV Facade Varnish is a high-quality, specialized product intended to protect external surfaces against the harmful effects of UV radiation. It is a varnish that provides long-lasting protection and maintains the aesthetics of facades, both in modern and traditional construction projects.

This solution is especially recommended in places with high solar exposure, guaranteeing the beauty and durability of the surface for many years.

It is an additional element of the Guardi quartz panel system

Application of UV facade varnish:

This varnish is ideal for use on external surfaces of buildings, such as facades, balustrades, fences, as well as garden furniture and other elements exposed to sunlight. Thanks to its protective properties, the varnish is especially recommended in places where materials are exposed to intense sunlight.

Properties of UV facade varnish:

  • Protects surfaces against fading and degradation caused by UV radiation.
  • It provides long-lasting protection and color retention, which is crucial for facades exposed to the sun.
  • The varnish is resistant to moisture, which prevents the formation of mold and fungi on the surfaces treated with it.
  • It can be used with a brush, roller or spray, which makes work easier and allows for even coverage.
  • It has a short drying time, which speeds up the finishing process.

Technical Data

8 - 10 m2/l
20 - 25 m2/2.5l
80 - 100 m2/10l
The number of layers
Recommended 1-2
Milky color, after drying it becomes colorless
It is glossy, each subsequent layer increases its level

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