Quartz plaster 20 kg with additives

Quartz plaster is self-cleaning. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Can be applied by spray or hand.

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Quartz plaster 20 kg with additives

Guardi Quartz Plaster is a modern plaster mass that is distinguished by high quality and unique properties. This product, although called quartz plaster, perfectly imitates marble, granite or sandstone.

It is used both outside (on facades) and inside buildings (e.g. on fireplaces, corridors, TV walls or halls).

Properties of quartz plaster:

  • It is self-cleaning
  • Available in a wide range of colors (colors from the sample book)
  • You can choose various additives, such as: mica, metallic chip, glitter or silicon carbide
  • It can be applied by hand or by spraying
  • It is easy to keep clean
  • It is highly mechanically resistant.

Application of quartz plaster:

  • Guardi quartz plaster can be applied traditionally (manually) or by spraying.
  • Traditional application requires the use of an inox trowel. We do not rub the mass, but stretch it until a smooth surface is obtained.
  • The spray method is more efficient in terms of working time - one person can cover from 60 to 100 m² in 8-10 hours, which is much faster than with the traditional method. The spray method is recommended for larger surfaces, it is faster and more effective.

The plaster is mixed according to the individual customer's order. Please consider your purchases carefully as we do not accept returns of products from the mixer.

*The sample photos are for illustration purposes only and may differ slightly from the real ones, this may be due to the settings of the monitor and/or graphics card.

Technical Data

You buy
A bucket of Quartz Plaster in a 20 kg package with a paid option to choose additions
Spray performance
2.1-2.5 kg/m2
a 20 kg bucket is on average enough for 9 m2
Efficiency when applied manually
2.5-3.5 kg/m2
a 20 kg bucket is on average enough for 6-8 m2
Aggregate thickness
Additional information
If you select the same additive twice, the mixing plant will add a double amount of the selected additive to the plaster

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