Deserto structural decorative paint - all colors

Deserto Pigio decorative structural paint is an Italian product with a modern, pearly shine that suits any decor.

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Deserto structural decorative paint

Deserto Pigio pearl structural paint is an Italian product with a modern, pearly shine that suits any decor.

Properties of Deserto structural paint:

  • It is easy to apply and does not require additional varnishing, and its final effect is more resistant to scrubbing than varnish.
  • It is characterized by a pearly finish thanks to crystal additives that create a play of gloss and matte, especially under the influence of light.
  • Deserto paint allows you to achieve about 11 different decorative effects, and its final effect depends on the painting method.

The decorative effect of Deserto is comparable to paints such as:

Magnat "Perla Sabbia", Ecorson "Corado", Guardi, Luxmal "Glasser" and Valpaint "Sabulador"​​.

Application of Deserto decorative paint:

Suitable for painting walls in a variety of spaces, including a room, living room, corridor, as well as in restaurants, hotels, clinics and conference rooms. It is also suitable for the kitchen as it is washable and abrasion-resistant.

Application of Deserto decorative paint:

  • Start by painting the wall with Primer latex primer. Use a roller for this, just like you would with regular wall paint.
  • Remember that the smoother the surface after applying the primer, the nicer the final effect will be.
  • After the primer paint dries, you can start painting with Deserto structural paint.
  • For this, use a decorating brush.
  • Paint in long strokes, paying attention to the direction, method and amount of paint applied. These factors will influence the variety of decorative effects.
  • There are many ways to paint and are limited only by your imagination.

Watch the video and see how easy it is to paint with Deserto paint

At 1:48 minute of the video you can see the initial effect of the drying paint

Technical Data

When purchasing one item you buy
1 liter of Deserto structural paint in the selected color without primer
Available Packaging
1L and 3L
Tools necessary for work
Paint roller - for painting with Primer paint
Decorative brush - for painting with Deserto paint
Optional tools
Paint stirrer
Painting tape
Foil or painting texture
8-12 m2 from 1L
The number of layers
1-2 layers
Drying time
Deserto decorative paint - from 20 to 60 min
Primer Paint - from 3 to 6 hours
The paint is water-soluble.

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