Primer paint

Primer is a primer paint for priming surfaces for decorative effects.

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Primer paint

Primer Pigio primer paint is an ideal product for priming substrates for decorative effects such as Deserto, Metalico, as well as for highly water-absorbing substrates, such as gypsum plasters and plasterboards.

It is produced on the basis of a water acrylic dispersion. It dries quickly and is easy to use.

Application of Primer primer paint:

  • Apply the primer to a dry surface, free from dust, dirt, wax and grease.
  • The substrate must be dust-free and all loose layers that are not bonded to the substrate must be removed before applying the primer paint.
  • Apply the Primer primer paint with a roller, brush or spray without diluting it.
  • Apply a thin and even layer.
  • Once dry, you can apply decorative paint

Technical Data

approx. 8 m2/1l
roller, brush, spray
Color - white or dyed
The number of layers
Drying time
approx. 2 hours
Application temperature
from +5 to +25 C

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