American red 30m Tuff Tape

Tuff Tape is an ideal solution for people looking for a durable and effective way to connect plasterboards and mask cracks and scratches on walls and ceilings.

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American red 30m Tuff Tape

TUFF-TAPE tape is intended for connecting plasterboards on flat surfaces such as ceilings and walls. It can be used instead of mesh, interlining or paper tape, and can also be used to finish internal corners.

Properties and applications of TUFF-TAPE tape:

  • It is intended for joining plasterboards on flat surfaces such as ceilings and walls.
  • The tape is extremely durable and does not break.
  • Effectively masks cracks in boards.
  • Quick and easy to install.
  • Creates stiff and smooth surfaces.
  • Provides straight lines for internal corners.
  • Ideal for applications where moisture may be present.
  • Many times stronger than standard paper tape.
  • No need to soak in water: Makes application easier.
  • Can be covered with any paint.
  • Does not require clips or mounting tapes.

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