Guardi quartz panels pattern book

Rent a sample of quartz panels for a deposit. You will find out more in the offer description.

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Quartz panels template

The Guardi quartz panels sample book is a unique offer addressed to customers seriously interested in purchasing quartz panels.

We understand that photos do not always accurately reflect the color, which may make it difficult to make a purchasing decision. That's why we offer a solution in the form of renting a sample, which will make it easier to make a choice.

It is worth noting that the sample is loaned against a deposit, which is refundable upon its return.

The deposit price is high to encourage the return of the sample.

For regular customers, e.g. contractors, it is possible to rent the sample free of charge on a permanent basis.

Deposit refund policy:

  • We only refund the cost of the sample, excluding delivery costs.
  • The sample must be returned no later than 30 days after purchase.
  • The refund is made within 5 days of receiving the returned sample.
  • If the sample is damaged or dirty, the deposit will not be refunded.

When does a customer become a regular customer?

A customer becomes a regular customer when he has a history of orders with us - at least 5 a year.

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